Tyverier av Rotax 912 i Spania

Denne er hentet fra siden til Mikroflyseksjonen, og er skrevet av Tormod Veiby


Det har vært et skred av tyverier i Spania der Rotax 912 motorer er blitt brutalt stjålet av parkerte fly. Disse motorene blir nå etterlyst over hele Europa. Three airfields have been intruded during the last two months in Spain, and several Rotax engines stolen. PASS OPP OM DERE BLIR TILBUDT MOTORER, MERK DERE SERIENUMMERNE UNDER The last one happened a few days ago, as you can see below (translated into English and others). Please, distribute the information and the serial numbers in your country so the thieves have more difficulty to get success. Thanks. Best, … /javier. Dear fellow. I presume aware of the intrusion occurred during the early hours of last Saturday 23 at the facilities of the Aeri Club Alt Camp of Vallmoll (Tarragona-Catalunya-Spain) whose result has been the theft of six engines Rotax 912 (100CV 3 and 3 of 80CV) and aeronautical varied instrumentation. You can assume our state of mind and, although little thing we can do, we ask your cooperation to disrupt, to the extent that is possible, the sale of this material.Then you send a relationship of the serial numbers of the six engines with the plea of difundais this written all your known, fields of flight mechanics, …. linked to air sports.Is likely that you receive this email from other senders but this should not be obstacle for that thing you do circular you also: better receive it several times to not get it.Thank you for your collaboration.The serial numbers are as follows: 5645830 – 5645618 – 4407737 – 4410669 – 4406796 – 5643909

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